It is understandable that our relationship with food meets a positive need somewhere. By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful relaxing techniques, I will help you develop a new, positive relationship with food and exercise. The aim of hypnotherapy for weight-control is to make you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about eating and help you lose weight responsibly without impacting your physical and emotional well-being.  When planning to start dieting or start a new exercise plan it is important to consult with your doctor.

The hypnotherapy sessions will help you achieve your goals safely and in good health, but cannot replace the advice of a health professional in case of pre- existing health issues that impact on your weight.

During the first session, an assessment will be carried out to identify the specific needs and targets of the client to support him/ her with specific and practical steps to achieve the desired changes, making him/her feel more confident, in control, safe, secure and ready for a new lifestyle.

The assessment includes specific questions to identify habits and feelings related to food. The information provided will be used in a personalised programme to the exact needs and lifestyle of the client. This is to ensure the client will not return to the old coping mechanism. By altering old automatic thinking and boosting self-esteem and willpower it is possible to achieve lasting results.

With weight loss it is important that dieting and exercise are balanced. The length of the programme may vary according to the client’s needs but a set of six sessions as a start point is advisable. However, the client may decide to extend or add top ups later on. A recording on your session will also be available to continue supporting your programme in your own time.