About myself

When reading notes on Hypnosis, I found some techniques that really appealed to me. Some of them brought memories of Mental Control courses I attended many years ago when I was at college. I needed to enhance my memory and be better prepared for my exams.

Emma Prudie: hypnotherapist brentwood

The course I remember the most, which changed my way of thinking in a very positive way was called The Silva Mental Control Method. It was program developed by José Silva in The USA. The Silva Method teaches students specialised guided imagery techniques intended to rewire their subconscious and negative self-talk, using a meditation techniques and mental training programs. Some aspects of it included dynamic relaxation; advanced visualisation and imagination. Further on in the course there were exercises to foster positive thinking and meditation, with guidance to programme your own mind to achieve your desired goals.

Looking back, I realise that most of the techniques involved in Hypnosis, I was already familiar with through the mental control courses I did years ago. However, if somebody had told me then, that I was being hypnotised, I would have had a shock and refused to continue. At the time, the idea of hypnosis was always associated with circus shows and people being used as puppets for the entertainment of crowds, giving the hypnotiser excessive powers over people’s minds.

From my experience, the techniques to go down into deep relaxation to the imagery used in the induction to help a cancer patient, cleaning the affected area; both hypnotherapy and mental control use similar techniques.

I remember a feeling of exhilaration, freshness and peace at the end of each session. I always felt refreshed, never tired or drained. However, these techniques should be practised frequently for better effect and even when, I eventually stopped practising them as exams were over. They remained stored somewhere in a back drawer of my mind. They became useful on two distinctive occasions later on in life, having to control birth pains in labour and much later having to fight a serious disease mainly caused by stress. It was surprising how a set of techniques, today related to hypnosis, that I learnt originally to enhance my memory, returned to me when I needed them most. What I found fascinating is how the subconscious mind had picked the right technique to support my body at the right time.

After a life devoted to education, with several post graduates and a Masters based on leadership in Education and research in the area of brain processes in learning languages, I continued with hypnotherapy and counselling as a natural progression from my experience and interests.


“For over 30 years I have suffered from claustrophobia. This has greatly impacted on my adult life in many ways such as not being able to travel on a train, never being able to take a holiday abroad via air travel, even car journeys had to be planned to avoid tunnels which would sometimes result in many extra hours, miles and frustration for my family. For 40 years I was unable to step into a lift being absolutely terrified of being shut in. When my husband ran the London Marathon we stayed in a hotel in London and with our room on the 27th floor I had to use the stairs. By the end of the weekend I think I had run further than he had!  

As the years went by my fears worsened and my life was starting to get very narrow.  Virtually every journey was being planned around my fears, and despite very limited success with professional help and group therapy I had begun to accept that this was my life and with a sense of helplessness that it could not be changed. Most of my life I have had to explain to others why I have not been able to do things and expected them to work around me, and  although outwardly I seemed a cheerful confident person,  deep down I just wanted to be normal and uncomplicated.

 A year ago I was introduced to Emma, she explained about hypnosis and she felt that she could help me. I must admit I was very sceptical at first and a bit frightened of the thought of being hypnotised. Nothing else had worked and my fears were so deeply entrenched so why this work would for me I kept telling myself. 

 However Emma completely reassured me and just her very kind and gentle manner soon put me at ease.  Each hypnotherapy session lasted about an hour and was a completely relaxing experience.  I always felt I was in control and had a sense of awareness and after each session I was always left feeling relaxed and positive. The sessions continued for 10 weeks and focused upon me subconsciously facing my fears and arming me with new coping skills should I ever get in a fearful situation.

Having completed the therapy I was ready to go out and face the world! The first step was a train journey. At first just a couple of stops,  but although I was nervous,  to my amazement I completely at ease.  A couple of days later I repeated the experience but with a much longer journey and thought it was wonderful!  The following week my husband and I went to the theatre in London. In the past this would have involved a horrendous car journey avoiding any tunnels, expensive car parking, and a much stressed husband. However this time we took the train, and the return journey a coach which used the Limehouse Link Tunnel. Again I had been nervous about this, but on reaching the tunnel feeling confident tunnel and remembering everything that Emma had taught me found myself absolutely fine.

 I have since travelled in lifts too, which was one of my biggest fears. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with myself when on a tour of the Houses of Parliament I stepped into a crowded tiny lift with no fear at all, smiling broadly at how great it felt to be “normal”.

My biggest joy this year was the day my husband and I took a short flight from and back to Stanstead.  This was the first time I had EVER flown!  Again although a little nervous I felt fine, and as you can imagine afterwards felt totally elated.

When I first met Emma she asked me what it was I most wanted to get out of all this and apart from being fear free I had a dream to be able to take my two little grandchildren to Lapland at Christmas to see Santa.  This was something I had always dreamed of being able to do with our own 3 children, but because of my fears had never done.  Now my dream is about to come true and in December we will all be making that trip, and I am the most excited of all!

For all of this I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Emma’s help and support, her passion and enthusiasm for helping me has been overwhelming and I cannot thank her enough and would recommend Emma to anyone who needed help, I think she is truly wonderful!