We all have an internal filter we use to interpret how the world works based on all we have learnt rightly or wrongly since we were born. It is the part of us that helps us get through life by having us automatically understand water will be wet and that a lion would be dangerous. It has been a great survival tool for humans for generations.

We interpret the world through this filter and we accept information that conforms to our beliefs, and quickly reject or dismiss any information that opposes our view of the world. It constantly monitors all input from our senses and tends to reject that which does not agree with an idea or concept that has been previously experienced and accepted as ‘valid’ in some way. This is why if an individual has internalised that she/he is stupid, there will be an unconscious rejection of information to the contrary. In other words, unless we can get beneath the internal filter, it is very difficult indeed to make lasting change.

Comments from adults when we are children may be interpreted by us as if we are unattractive or lacking intelligence. Once these ideas have taken hold, it is very difficult to remove them from the subconscious mind. This can have a terrible impact on our confidence and opportunities in adult life. These negative ideas we learn when we are young can affect our exams, sexual life and general levels of confidence and happiness. An adult holding onto these negative beliefs will struggle to accept themselves even if they are presented with evidence to the contrary (such as a member of the opposite sex finding them attractive).

Hypnosis allows a hypnotherapist to bypass this filter and remove the fears, negative beliefs or phobias of the past directly from the client’s subconscious mind.

Once the initial triggering event has been resolved, the client is then able to see the world from a completely new direction.  The filters of the past being removed, the client can enjoy an improved life without the old poignant negativity.

In other words, when a person is in a relaxed state the negative filters can be bypassed in order to directly communicate positive ideas to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then accepts these ideas and creates the positive behaviour changes or body changes that the client desires.

The length of treatment may vary according to the client’s needs but it is advisable 4 to 6 sessions to fully appreciate the change.